What vexx will cost you

When using VEXX you will be billed at a significantly lower rate compared to making normal voice calls or sending traditional SMS's, making it an extremely cost effective way to communicate. There is no VEXX charge for receiving SMS's.

There are two costs that you will incur when using VEXX to send Voice SMS's and Text SMS's.

   1. VEXX Airtime Charges (this charge is set at 10c including VAT)
   2. Your network service provider's data charges (varies according to data sent)


Currently a traditional 1000 character Text SMS costs around R5.60.
With VEXX, a 1000 character Text SMS will ONLY cost you 10 cents!!  (Data charge of only R0.002c!) (*)

By using VEXX, for every 1000 VEXX Text SMS's you send, it will cost you R100.
If you were to use traditional SMS, this would cost you R5 600. (**)

Network Data Charges

VEXX uses your mobile phones data connection to send and receive VEXX Voice and Text SMS's. This process incurs data charges and will be billed by your mobile network service provider either directly to your pre-paid airtime credit or your monthly account bill. These charges you will incur when using VEXX are extremely low, making VEXX far cheaper than traditional SMS services. For example, a 30 second VEXX Voice SMS will cost around 2c in data charges (*)

(* - based on R2/MB)
(** - based on 1000 character SMS's)