What is Vexx?

The primary feature of VEXX is the cost effective SMS facility offering users an alternative to traditional SMS. This facility is affordable, has value added benefits, and has added a modern feel to the somewhat "antiquated" SMS system that is used today. Read more about VEXX-SMS under HOW VEXX WORKS!

Secondary to VEXX-SMS, VEXX offers social and corporate networking that is easy to follow, adopt and maintain.

For Corporate Entities, VEXX offers Bulk SMS Services - sending Bulk SMS to those without VEXX and with VEXX! As a launch special, Bulk SMS's will cost 25c through traditional SMS, and 10c through VEXX-SMS! Trully the most affordable Bulk SMS Service!

VEXX-SMS also offers Premium Rated SMS Short Codes, where people can send in VEXX-SMS's to your Short Code. You will not earn a higher revenue share anywhere else!

What is "Vlinks" in VEXX all about?

"Vlinks" is a FREE social and corporate networking service for any style of VEXX user to access. It allows bloggers,estate agents, retailers, sports clubs, schools and universities to create and manage their own VEXX VLink. Here they can easily upload unlimited text, images and voice notes into their VEXX Vlink for other mobile phone users to view.  Vlinks content is simple to manage and can be maintained directly through the mobile device or through a computer by simply creating an account, logging in to VEXX portal, found at

Each and every user has the freedom to personalize the VEXX service, giving a major sense of ownership. Vlinks can ultimately become the VEXX user's first port of call when checking for specials at their favourite clothing outlet or supermarket chain, looking for info relating to estate agents and property; sports clubs can now how a platform on the mobile phone to communicate directly their members and supporters. Newspapers / publications can post latest news articles - VLINKS provides the ability for information to be at the finger tips of the user.

VEXX encourages companies who wish to expand their brand awareness, reach, and exposure to create their own respective Vlink for mobile phone users to follow them. 

"VLINKS" can be found in the main menu of VEXX-SMS.