how vexx works

VEXX uses your mobile phones internet data connection (WAP is required) allowing you to experience an exciting new SMS communication service at an extremely low cost compared to traditional SMS. It revolutionises conventional SMS and allows you to give your SMS voice, volume and emotion!

VEXX is not an IM based service. VEXX is an SMS delivery service BUT with a voice element added to it, which allows the user to send SMS's using their OWN VOICE.

If you prefer Texting you can send VEXX Text SMS's, UP TO 1000 characters long - that's more than 6 times the length of a traditional 160 character SMS and you are only paying 10cents for it! This is approximately 85% Cheaper than Traditional SMS's. 98% cheaper if you use all 1000 characters!

VEXX is quick, convenient and incredibly simple to use. VEXX SMS's can be re-listened to, re-read and even forwarded to other VEXX users at your convenience. VEXX SMS's pass through our secure network, providing a safe way to share confidential information.

With VEXX Voice SMS, "hands-free" communication has never been easier. VEXX saves you time and money!

Don't text it, VEXX it!