Get vexx

Step 1 - go to on your mobile phone OR you can get the link by sending the word "VEXX" in an SMS to 38399.

Step 2 - After reading about VEXX-SMS select the button "Enter" and this will take you to the Download Page where simply click on the download link. If for some reason after downloading the application it does not work please repeat the process but select the second download option "Alternative Download Link"

Step 3 - After Downloading, your VEXX-SMS icon can now be found in either your "downloads","games" or "applications" folder. We suggest you "move" the icon to your home page, or make it a "hotkey" to allow quick and easy access to VEXX-SMS. This will improve your enjoyment and use of VEXX-SMS.

Step 4 - Now that you have downloaded the application "Open" VEXX-SMS and select on the "New User Registration" where you register to use VEXX-SMS and login

Step 5  - You can now send VOICE or TEXT SMS's for only 10c to Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Apple, or Blackberry phones. You can also browse Vlinks, and personalise your VEXX.

Step 6 - Create awareness around VEXX-SMS by letting your friends and family know how to join the VEXX community and start saving on SMS costs. 

You can register on but you will still have to download the application from your mobile phone.