using vexx

Q: How do I login to VEXX?
A: Once you have registered with VEXX-SMS and selected your Password, you will use this and your mobile number to log into your account.

Q: How does the "Close" option work in Symbian and Android devices?
A: If Selected, "Close" will simply cause the application to minimize in the background, enabling you to access other functions in your mobile phone, like making calls or browsing the internet.

Q: Why use the "Close" option?
A: With VEXX-SMS running in the background, the unique VEXX-SMS tone will play when a VEXX SMS is sent to you. A pop-up alert will appear, advising you to read or listen to your SMS. This way, VEXX communication is in real time! You will receive SMS's as they are sent!

Q: How do I know when I have a SMS?
A: An alert will appear on your mobile phone and VEXX-SMS's unique tone will play, advising you that you have received a VEXX SMS.

Q: How do I make the most of the application?
A: For lower and mid range mobiles, we suggest you make the VEXX application a "hotkey". 2 clicks and the application is open! It is quick, simple, and easy. Ask a friend how. Of course, these tips are also phone dependent, based on the JSR limitations inherent in all phone models.

Q: Do I have to add contacts to before sending an SMS?
A: No, you can send to anyone in your address book.

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